Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I'm back!

Well I guess I should start with an apology.

I'm sorry I have been absent for so long. I can't quite believe I haven't posted for three whole months! I'm not even sure why I haven't, I think the best way to explain it is that I allowed life to get in the way.

It got crazy busy at work and then suddenly it was Christmas and then January seemed to almost drag and fly by at the same time (not sure how that works really but there you go!).

Well enough of that, I said to myself time to get back in the saddle (figuratively speaking that is, I'm not writing this on top a horse or anything!) 

I was lucky enough to have been very kindly invited as a guest of the lovely Tia, from Bellezza Babe to a really fun and very interesting blogger event last Saturday. Which definitely re-ignited my passion and reminded me you only get out what you put in and you have to work hard and be passionate if you want to achieve something.

So In that frame of mind I am setting myself the target of three posts a week on a schedule in the hope to keep me blogging regularly and make sure I don't let myself get waylaid by my non blogging life again! 

My next post will be all about the event I attended on Saturday which was held by the fab brand LOVE and not only showcased their beautiful girly and classic spring summer collection but had a couple of really inspirational talks.

One given by the brands lovely social media representative Coco and also one by the always fabulously stylish Naomi from the blog Two Shoes, One Pair

That's all for now but I will most defiantly be back very soon to fill you in on what happened that rainy Saturday afternoon in London! 

Heather xx