Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Proposal Story and Engagement Ring!

Hello Everyone,

As I have mentioned previously, I'm engaged to be married to a very wonderful and understanding man, so I thought I would do a quick post on how I was proposed to and my beautiful ring.

I'm quite lucky that my other half, Phil, is the type of guy you can speak to about anything and he wont get scared and run a mile. He has two children, (who are amazing by the way), from a previous relationship and because of this and the type of guy he is I think this has made him more open to speaking about the 'future'. So prior to the proposal we had the chat about the future and what we both wanted from it and marriage was discussed.

We decided that we wanted to get married and that we would choose the ring together (more like I'm a fussy bugger so he wanted to make sure it was perfect!). We (I) spent hours on the Internet looking for rings that fell within the budget he had set. I was determined that I wanted something that was a bit different from the traditional solitaire and I wanted something that I wouldn't be likely to see on someone else's finger! Eventually I fell in love with a  ring I saw on Diamond Heaven. It was beautiful and exactly the kind of  style I wanted (Art Deco-ish but with a modern twist)

So we booked and appointment and made the trek to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham to visit their shop.When we arrived we couldn't fault the staff, they were friendly, very helpful and had a good knowledge of their diamonds (I'm lucky that my Dad used to be a Jeweller so I knew all about the 4 C's).

Going to the shop was the best decision we made. It meant we could see exactly the size of the stone that we would get, where as on the website they tend to use one picture of a huge stone for all previews of the different styles.

Because we went to the shop it allowed us to get a really good look at the ring setting and see it on my finger to make sure it felt right! We were able to pick the exact stone we wanted and managed to get a really good price for what it was (another reason to go to the store, for a little haggle). 

The price we came to was a little higher than the original budget that we had set so after taking the other half aside and pulling a wide variety of needy faces and lots of smiling (Phil says I pull this face where I smile at him and he cant resist to say no to me, the silly boy shouldn't have told me this, consequently he sees it a lot when we go shopping!) he agreed that I could have that ring. I was so happy I had to contain myself from doing a little dance in the shop.

They then had to send the stone away to have the setting specially made, we were told this would take about 6 weeks so Phil said he would surprise me with the proposal once he received the ring. Judging on how he told me he loved me for the first time and how he asked me to move in with him I knew it was going to be pretty special, luckily for me he is a complete romantic!

Let me just say first off these were the longest 6 weeks of my life to date. Oh my Goodness, I don't know how I managed to keep it together he was constantly on his laptop 'planning' and keeping secrets from me! I'm not really a person who likes suprise's, I prefer to know its going to happen and to look forward to it plus I am really impatient!

Finally the day came, and we were are home with the kids. I was oblivious to the goings on. I was upstairs with his daughter Rosie talking about make up  (which I have since learned was a distraction!) and Phil and Zach were scheming downstairs.

Zach came up and asked me to come downstairs but to wait outside the door to the front room and close my eyes (I had a suspicion that something was afoot but still hadn't twigged).

I heard the door open and Phil told me to keep my eyes closed whilst he guided me to sit down on the sofa. He then told me to open my eyes when I did I saw the front room covered in beautiful candles and rose petals and then TV kicked into life.

The only way to describe what followed is a video diary of how we met and fell in love and the story of our life so far all set to the music of Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me. (I was in floods of tears from the start, because it was perfect and having the kids there, although they are not mine, meant a lot to me as we are a family)

The climax of the video was the best, he had got my closest friends to take separate pictures of themselves each holding a different word to spell out 'Heather', 'will', 'you', 'marry' and finally he was holding 'me' with the last picture being the kids holding a homemade signs that said 'Say Yes'

He then got down one knee and opened the ring box to reveal the most beautiful sparkling ring and proposed.

And of course I said Yes!

A pictue of my Diamond Ring from Diamond Heaven

Do you have a romantic proposal story? I would love to hear it please leave a comment and let me know!
Heather xx


  1. awwwww beautiful post!!! was a pleasure to read, your ring is stunning!!

    1. Ahhh thank you :) glad you liked it! It's the prettiest thing I have as well as the most meaningful! xx

  2. This is a lovely story! Had me welling up.. Congratulations Heather and Phil :)

    1. Ahh thank you Hun glad you enjoyed it! :) xx