Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mac New York Apple & Diva back to Mac haul

Evening guys,

I can't believe its Sunday night again! Oh how the time fly's when you are having fun!

When I was in Debenhams the other day I managed to have a sneaky stop at the Mac counter. This is something that I never seem to be able to avoid and I always seem to walk away with one of their black bags, clutched in my eager hands!

On this occasion I feel no guilt though, as I was actually being good and recycling, honest! As I am sure you know Mac do 'Back To Mac', this is where you can take 6 empty Mac containers i.e. Blusher, Eyeshadow or lipstick, hand them in and you can select a new lipstick (at Mac stores I think you get to choose between a lipstick, an eyeshadow or a lip glass, but I'm pretty sure if it's a concession you can only get lipstick).

I have recently bought two pro palettes and had a major de-potting session with my eye shadows and blushers which left me with enough containers for two new lipsticks. Now as they were in my mind 'free' I decided to be a bit more adventurous than I would normally be.

In my Monthly Crave post I said I said I have been lusting after New York Apple and Odyssey. Unfortunately Odyssey wasn't in stock so I had to pick another (I was prepared in case this happened and wanted 'So Chaud' but this wasn't in stock either! Annoying much!) After some searching and swatching I settled on Diva.

My MAC Purchases

New York Apple, as I said was on my monthly crave wish list. Its a frost finish and is described as a muted red with a pink shimmer. The shimmer makes the lipstick look shiny, which makes the little voice in my head that tells me I should put glitter on everything in sight happy!

My MAC New York Apple

I gave it a swatch in the store and it was love at first swatch! Although it does have a definite shimmer to it, I don't think its overly frosty and it feels almost like a cremesheen to me! This is one of only a couple of frost finish lipsticks I own and thankfully its not a regret.

On my fairly pinkish lips it comes over as a lovely raspberry red and is quite glossy and sheer. The only down side to this lipstick is that it does seem to bleed quite quickly so I will need to pick up a lip liner to compliment it and to put a stop to any feathering. But apart from that its one I can see myself reaching for a lot over the next coming months.

Diva is a deep red matte finish lipstick. Its a bold colour and the deep red reminds me of mulled wine at Christmas (only 86 days away *slightly excited/worried face!*).

My MAC Diva

When I swatched it, it was so pigmented and rich that I had to get it. Diva is quite a change from the colours I would usually wear. I don't normally go for such dark bold colours but I think this is actually what persuaded me to get it, as I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and wear new lipstick shades.

This also seems like it will require a lip liner to stop it feathering (Another trip to Mac! Like I need an excuse!) On my lips it comes up a very deep berry red and I think will be perfect for the autumn/winter months that are rapidly approaching us.

Well that's my little 'Back to Mac' haul for you!

What's your view on these shades? Are they favourites of yours? (if so I would love some suggestions for Lip liners) Please leave a comment I would love to hear your opinions.

Heather xx


  1. Replies
    1. They they really are I wore New York Apple today with Cherry lipliner and it look good right up until lunch def reccomend it! :) xx

  2. ooo the new york apple looks stunning !! I been decided on wot colour to buy as my first mac lippy ( and mac product!) and think we have a winner ! haha
    sadly there is not a local store to me so need to order online so been looking at blog posts please check mine out and follow if you like !

    1. It really is lovely! I didnt used to live near one so obline swatches and reviews were really handy! Let me know if you do get it and what you think. I will def go and have a look :) xx

  3. So great that your back in the blogging world! We should collaborate or hold some sort of blog party!! :) Heather I have never owned a MAC lipstick, isn't that just wrong? Anyway love your posts and will be back soon to scribble all over your comments box :)


    1. Aww thanks lovley! Ohhh a collaboration sounds fun maybe we could do a christmas box swap?
      I actually can't believe you havent got one yet!! This needs to be sorted and soon!
      Thanks for the visit would love to have you back gain soon :) xx

  4. Lovely post, I'm now following you :) I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out xx