Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My First Christmas Box Swap

As if I wasn't excited enough with Christmas lurking just around the corner, I have been chatting with the Lovely Tia who writes the Bellezza Babe blog (seriously, if you get a chance then check out her blog, it is awesome!) and we have decided to do a Christmas Box Swap.

We have set a budget of £30 and the swap will take place before Christmas Eve. I am so excited and have a few ideas for the box already.

Anyone who knows me knows I love presents, so I can't wait to see what loveliness is inside the box. I just want Christmas to hurry up because I am not patient when it comes to presents, I'm the type of person who rips the wrapping paper of with gale force speed, there is no saving of the wrapping paper when I'm around!

If anyone has done a box swap like this before and has any tips or ideas for the contents I would love to hear them.

Heather xx